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5.33.660 Cancellation, delay or suspension of Solicitation.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  Cancellation in the Public Interest.  The City may cancel a Solicitation or Procurement described in a Solicitation in whole or in part prior to Contract Execution when cancellation is in the best interest of the City as determined by the City.
  2. B.  Delay or Suspension.  Any Solicitation or Procurement desired in a Solicitation may be delayed or suspended when the delay or suspension is in the best interest of the City as determined by the City.
  3. C.  Costs.  The City is not liable to any Offeror for costs, expenses or losses caused by the cancellation, delay or suspension.
  4. D.  Notice.  If the City cancels, delays or suspends a Solicitation prior to Opening, the City shall provide notice of cancellation in the same manner that the City initially provided notice of the Solicitation. Such notice of cancellation shall:
    1. 1.  Identify the Solicitation;
    2. 2.  Briefly explain the reason for cancellation; and
    3. 3.  If appropriate, explain that an opportunity will be given to compete on any Re-Solicitation.
  5. E.  Notice of Cancellation After Opening.  If the City cancels a Procurement or Solicitation after Opening, the City shall provide Written notice of Cancellation to all Offerors who submitted Offers.