5.33.650 Notice of Intent to Award.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 185898, effective February 20, 2013.)

  1. A.  Applicability:   This section applies to Awards of a Contract, except for small Procurements pursuant to Section 5.33.180, intermediate Procurements pursuant to Section 5.33.190, sole source Procurements pursuant to Section 5.33.120, Emergency Procurements pursuant to Section 5.33.130 or a Special Procurement pursuant to Section 5.33.220.
  2. B.  Notice:  The City shall provide Written notice of Intent to Award a Contract to all Offerors.   If the Solicitation was posted by Electronic means, however, the City may post the Intent to Award Electronically in the same manner as the Solicitation.    The Notice shall be posted at least seven (7) Days before the Award of a Contract, unless the City determines that circumstances require prompt execution of the Contract. The City shall document the specific reasons for the shorter notice period in the Solicitation file.
  3. C.  The City’s Award shall not be final until the latest of the following three (3) dates:
    1. 1.   Seven (7) Days after the date of notice of intent to Award, unless the Solicitation Document provided a different period for protest of Contract Award.  For purposes of this section, the Day on which the Notice is posted from which the seven Days shall begin to run shall not be included, but the last Day of the period shall be included; 
    2. 2.   The City provides a Written response to all timely-filed protests that denies the protest and affirms the Award; or
    3. 3.   Upon the conclusion of any appeal pursuant to Section 5.33.740.