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5.33.450 Offeror Submission.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 183445 and 185898, effective February 20, 2013.)

  1. A.  Product Samples and Descriptive Literature.  Product Samples or Descriptive Literature may be required if it is necessary or desirable to evaluate the quality, features or characteristics of the offered items. The City will dispose of Product Samples, return, or make available for return, Product Samples to the Offeror in accordance with the Solicitation Document.
  2. B.  Identification of Offers.
    1. 1.  To ensure proper identification and handling, Offers shall be submitted in a sealed envelope appropriately marked or in the envelope provided by the City, whichever is applicable. If the City permits Electronic Offers in the Solicitation Document, the Offeror may submit and identify Electronic Offers in accordance with the Solicitation Document.
    2. 2.  The City is not responsible for Offers submitted in any manner, format or to any delivery point other than as required in the Solicitation Document.
    3. 3.  Receipt of Offers. The Offeror is responsible for ensuring the City receives its Offer at Procurement Services prior to the stated Closing time for Offers, regardless of the method used to submit or transmit the Offer.   Offers not so received are late as provided in Section 5.33.480 and shall be returned unopened.  If a late Offer is opened inadvertently, the procedure provided by Section 5.33.480 shall apply except the submission shall be returned to the Offeror.