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5.33.440 Request for Clarification or Change.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 183445185898 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  Time for submission of request for change. Unless otherwise provided in the Solicitation Document, an Offeror shall deliver any request for change of the Solicitation Document, Specifications or Contract provisions to the City in Writing within seven (7) Days prior to Bid or Proposal Closing.  Requests for change in regard to Addenda shall be submitted in accordance within the time permitted by Subsection 5.33.430 D.
  2. B.  Any request for change shall include a detailed statement of the legal and factual reasons for the request for change; any proposed changes to Specifications or Contract provisions; and a description of any prejudice to the Offeror; and, a statement of the form of relief requested.  No request for change of the content of the Solicitation Document, Specifications or Contract provisions shall be considered after the deadline established for submitting such request. The City shall notify the Offeror if the City entirely rejects the request.  If the City agrees with the request, in whole or in part, the City shall either issue an Addendum reflecting the change or cancel the Solicitation.
  3. C.  Extension of Closing date. If any request for change is timely received in accordance with these rules the Closing may be extended by the Chief Procurement Officer if it is determined that an extension is necessary to allow consideration of the request or issuance of any Addendum to the Solicitation Document.
  4. D.  Identification of request for change. Envelopes containing requests for change or protests of the Solicitation Document, Specifications or Contract provisions shall be marked with the following information:
    1. 1.  Solicitation Specification or Contract Provision Request for Change; and
    2. 2.  Solicitation Document Number or Other Identification.
  5. E.  A Proposer may request a change to add alternate terms and conditions for negotiation if the Solicitation Document permits negotiation.  In this circumstance, the request for change procedure shall be governed by the Solicitation Document and Subsection 5.33.211 H.
  6. F.  Clarification.  Prior to the deadline for submitting a request for change, an Offeror may request in Writing that the City clarify any provision of the Solicitation Document or Contract.  The City’s clarification, whether oral or in Writing, does not change the Solicitation Document or Contract and is not binding on the City unless the City amends the Solicitation Document by Written Addendum.