5.33.430 Addenda to Solicitation Document.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 183445185898 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  Issuance; Receipt.  A Solicitation Document may be changed only by a Written Addendum. An Offeror shall provide Written acknowledgment of receipt of all issued Addenda with its Offer, unless the City otherwise specifies in the Addenda or Solicitation Document.  If an Offeror submits an Offer and the Solicitation Document states that the Offeror is bound by all Addenda published in accordance with these rules, then the Offeror shall be bound to the terms contained in all Addenda so issued.
  2. B.  Notice and Distribution.  The City shall notify prospective Offerors of Addenda consistent with the standards of Notice as defined in Section 5.33.010 and set forth in Section 5.33.300. The Solicitation Document shall specify how the City will provide notice of Addenda and how the City will make the Addenda available. For example, the City may state: “City will not mail notice of Addenda, but will publish notice of any Addenda on City’s Web site. Addenda may be downloaded from the City’s Web site. Offerors should frequently check the City’s Web site until Closing, i.e., at least once weekly until the week of Closing and at least once daily during the week of the Closing.”
  3. C.  Timelines; Extensions.
    1. 1.   The City shall issue Addenda within a reasonable time to allow prospective Offerors to consider the information contained in the Addenda in preparing their Offers. The City should extend the Closing if the Chief Procurement Officer determines prospective Offerors need additional time to review and respond to Addenda. Except to the extent that the Chief Procurement Officer determines that the public interest requires it, the City shall not issue an Addendum less than 3 Business Days before the Closing unless the Addendum also extends the Closing.  For purposes of computing this time, the Addendum shall be deemed issued when it is first posted on the City’s Electronic Procurement System or upon mailing, whichever is applicable.  If both occur, the notification is complete when the first of these two events occur.
    2. 2.  Notwithstanding Subsection 5.33.430 C.1., an Addendum that modifies the evaluation criteria, selection process or procedure for any tier of competition under a multi-step sealed Bid or a multi-tiered or multi-step sealed Proposal issued in accordance with Sections 5.33.205 and 5.33.210 through 5.33.211 must be issued no fewer than five (5) Days before the beginning of that tier or step of competition, unless the City determines that a shorter period is sufficient to allow Offerors to prepare for that tier or step of competition. The City shall document the factors it considered in making that determination, which may include, without limitation, the Scope of the changes to the Solicitation Document, the location of the remaining eligible Proposers, or whether shortening the period between issuing an Addendum and the beginning of the next tier or step of competition favors or disfavors any particular Proposer or Proposers. 
  4. D.  Request for Change or Protest. Unless a different deadline is set forth in the Addendum, an Offeror must submit a Written request for change or protest to the Addendum, as provided in Section 5.33.730, by the close of the City’s next Business Day after issuance of the Addendum. The City shall consider only an Offeror’s request for change or protest to the Addendum; the City shall not consider a request for change or protest to matters not added or modified by the Addendum. Notwithstanding any provision of this paragraph, the City is not required to provide a protest period for Addenda issued during a multi-tier or multi-step Procurement process conducted pursuant to Sections 5.33.200 or 5.33.210.