5.33.020 City Council as Local Contract Review Board.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 184403, 185065, 185898187373 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  Pursuant to ORS 279A.060, the City Council is designated as the Local Contract Review Board for the City.  The City Council shall exercise all the powers and duties conferred upon it by State law, except to the extent that such powers and duties have been delegated by these rules, or by a separate ordinance, to others. In order to carry out its powers and duties, the City of Portland’s Purchasing Authority, Policies and Rules, Chapter 5.33, Chapter 5.34, and 5.68 are hereby adopted by City Council.
  2. B.  The procedural rules of the City Council sitting as the Local Contract Review Board are the same as those regulating City Council as provided by Chapter 3.02.
  3. C.  The Attorney General Model Public Contracting Rules do not apply to the City’s Procurement of goods, services, and certain construction services. Instead, the rules contained in Chapters 5.33 and 5.68 apply to those Procurements.  Similarly, the Attorney General Model Public Contracting rules for Construction do not apply, except with respect to CM/GC Procurements.  Notwithstanding CM/GC Procurements, the Rules contained in Chapter 5.34 apply to the City’s Public Improvements and construction services.  It is the intent of these rules to permit the City to act to the full extent permitted by State law.  To the extent that the rules adopted in Chapters 5.33, 5.34 and 5.68 appear to give the City less authority than State law, then State law shall prevail and the City may act to the full extent permitted by State law.
  4. D.  The City Council reserves to itself the authority to authorize Contracts and Price Agreements and Amendments to Contracts and Price Agreements that exceed the contracting authority delegated to the Chief Procurement Officer or other City official by ordinance or City Code.