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5.30.080 Hardship Payment Program.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 178241, 179361 and 189413, effective March 6, 2019.)

  1. A.  Under the Hardship Payment Program, a property owner may pay only interest and billing charges for a period not to exceed 12 months.
  2. B.  Qualifications.  A property owner may qualify for the Hardship Payment Program if they meet all of the following criteria:
    1. 1.  The property must be a single-family residence, occupied by the owner;
    2. 2.  The property must be subject to a delinquent lien; and
    3. 3.  The property owner is temporarily unable to make monthly payments due to catastrophic financial circumstances.  These circumstances may include illness, loss of income or a temporary disability.
  3. C.  Administration.
    1. 1.  The Revenue Division shall administer the Hardship Payment Program.
    2. 2.  Applicants must complete a written request form and provide sufficient written documentation to support a determination that the applicant is experiencing catastrophic financial circumstances.  Documentation may consist of records such as a lay-off-notice, proof of unemployment or other evidence of loss of income.
    3. 3.  The Revenue Division shall review and approve or deny applications for individual payment plans under the Hardship Payment Program.
    4. 4.  If the Revenue Division determines that a property owner is qualified to participate in the Program, the Revenue Division shall allow the qualified property owner to make a minimum monthly payment equal to the monthly interest accruing to the delinquent lien, plus the monthly billing charge.  Interest shall be calculated at the prime interest rate set by the City's bank on December 31st of the previous year plus 200 base points (2%) per annum.  The recalculated interest rate shall be applied to each individual payment plan on the first billing date following December 31st of each year.
    5. 5.  The Revenue Division shall periodically review each individual payment plan to verify the qualifications of the participant.
    6. 6.  At the conclusion of an individual payment plan, the Revenue Division shall bill any property owner who has complied with the individual payment plan, but has not paid the account in full, according to the Revenue Division’s standard billing procedures.
    7. 7.  A payment for the specified amount in the Hardship Payment Plan Agreement (HPPA) must be received in the Revenue Division with the signed HPPA.
  4. D.  If the property owner fails to make a monthly payment before the completion of the plan, the Revenue Division may place the property on the foreclosure list, unless the Revenue Division finds there is an additional or continuing emergency.  In that event the Revenue Division may authorize a new plan or reinstate the existing plan.