Chapter 5.16 Emergency Checks

City Code Chapter

5.16.010 Issued When.

(Amended by Ordinances 168313, 169321 and 173369, effective May 12, 1999.) 

  1. Emergency checks are hereby authorized to be issued under special circumstances.  Such emergency checks shall be for the following specified purposes:
  2. A.  In payment of salaries or wages of employees when discharged or laid off;
  3. B.  In payment of earned salaries or wages of employees compelled to leave the City by reason of death of a relative or other extraordinary circumstances;
  4. C.  In payment of loans or for the purchase of bonds by the City Treasurer where interest charges can be stopped or saved to the City, or for the purchase of postage;
  5. D.  In payment of commissions or assessments on property sold for the benefit of the Assessment Collection Fund;
  6. E.  In payment of any obligation where interest penalty charges or discounts on current expenses can be saved to the City.
  7. Emergency checks may be authorized by the Bureau Manager or designee for any of the aforementioned purposes and no other authorization is needed.

5.16.020 Extraordinary Circumstances Requiring Emergency Checks.

(Amended by Ordinances 136544, 169321, 173369 and 189452, effective May 10, 2019.) 

  1. Should an extraordinary condition arise not otherwise provided for by this Chapter, the Commissioner-In-Charge of the department requesting the issuance of an emergency check, or any person in such department so authorized by the Commissioner-In-Charge in writing filed with the Accounting Division, shall present a signed requisition, accompanied by a statement in writing giving the reasons for so doing, which shall be authorization for issuance of an emergency check.  The Commissioner-In-Charge, the Mayor and the Accounting Division shall approve emergency checks for extraordinary circumstances provided for in this Section.