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5.10.020 Charitable Campaign.

The purpose of the Charitable Campaign is to encourage and support voluntary charitable contributions by employees, by providing a consolidated opportunity for workplace giving through the ease of payroll deductions benefiting a wide range of Charitable Organizations. The campaign minimizes workplace disruption and reduces the administrative costs to the City and Charitable Organizations in charitable solicitation efforts. Except as provided by City ordinance, only Umbrella Organizations and City-Partnered Nonprofits may participate in the annual Charitable Campaign.

Except as otherwise permitted by City ordinance, no charitable solicitation of employees on City property or places of employment may occur without prior written approval of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the Office of Management and Finance (OMF) or CAO’s designee.

Participation in the Charitable Campaign shall not be construed as endorsement, support or advocacy of the beliefs or viewpoints of the participating Charitable Organizations.

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