5.08.060 Safety Glasses.

City Code Section
  1. Safety glasses shall be worn by employees working in an area where a continuous eye hazard exists, subject to the conditions set forth in this Section.
  2. A.  The Employee Relations Office shall investigate units in which there may be continuous eye hazards and shall report the findings, and make recommendations to the Commissioner of Finance.  The Commissioner of Finance, subject to the approval of the Commissioner In Charge of the unit concerned shall authorize a safety glasses program for a unit or for employees within a unit who may perform duty which is a continuous hazard to the eyes;
  3. B.  Safety glasses with safety frames and uncorrected lenses (planos) will be supplied by the City without cost to the employee.  Employees who need corrective lenses will obtain the prescription for their lenses at their own expense from a doctor of their own choosing.  In addition, such employees will also bear the cost of the ground lenses and frames.  However, if corrective lenses and frames are obtained through the City, the City will allow as a credit the amount which the City pays for planos with standard safety frames;
  4. C.  Payment for corrective lenses and frames will be made to the supplier by the City, which in turn will collect such cost from the employee, less the allowance for planos with standard frames.  Such collections shall be turned over to the City Treasurer to be credited to the appropriate revenue account;
  5. D.  The expenditure of City funds for safety glasses shall be limited to those units where a continuous eye hazard exists;
  6. E.  Corrective glasses will be property of the employee.  Planos will be the property of the City.  Replacement of broken glasses will be made on the same basis as the originals were obtained;
  7. F.  Once issued, safety glasses are to be worn at all times while in the hazardous work area as a condition of employment.