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5.08.020 Preparation and Certification of Biweekly Time Reports.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 132896, 136888, 147197, 180917 and 189452; effective May 10, 2019.)

  1. A.  It shall be the duty of the head of each appropriation unit to cause to be prepared, to approve, and to certify biweekly time reports for employees whose time deviates from standard biweekly hours and standard cost centers or when an employee is not to be paid, and cause the same to be transmitted to Central Payroll.
  2. Biweekly time reports are not necessary for employees who worked their standard hours and whose time gets charged to the standard cost center.  A payroll warrant will be automatically written for active employees whose standard time gets charged to their standard cost centers.  However, each bureau manager shall submit a certification to the Accounting Division to the effect that all employees who will be paid and for whom no time report is submitted, did in fact, render the services to be paid.
  3. B.  Such biweekly time reports shall contain a statement of each applicable employee of the hours on duty, including overtime which has been approved by the Commissioner In Charge, or the Auditor as to the Auditor’s Office; and the hours of duty, including vacation, holidays, sick leave, compensatory time off; and other leaves of absence with pay.  A notation shall also be made of the number of days absent because of injury in the line of duty.  A notation shall also be made of sick leave used or disability or pension benefits paid as a result of an injury by a third party.
  4. C.  In addition to the above, the biweekly time reports covering a member of Portland Fire & Rescue assigned to a 56‑hour week shall carry a notation as to the number of regular duty hours worked in excess of the average of 112 hours biweekly.  Such excess hours shall be accumulated and credited to those normal work periods that do not provide for an average biweekly accumulation of 112 hours.
  5. D.  The biweekly time reports shall be transmitted not later than the Friday following each pay period; provided, if the Thursday or Friday is a holiday, an additional day shall be allowed.
  6. E.  In the event of error or omission requiring payroll adjustment as a result of any provision of a labor agreement such as failure to notify an employee of a change of shift schedule, assignment to duty of an employee not entitled to such assignment under contractual requirements, or other error or omission which can appropriately be adjusted by an adjustment on the biweekly time report, the biweekly time report shall carry a notation concerning the error or omission which is the basis of such adjustment.