5.04.490 Graffiti Nuisance Abatement Trust Fund.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance 172612; amended by Ordinances 172810 and 189078, effective July 18, 2018.) 

  1. There is hereby created a City of Portland graffiti nuisance abatement trust fund.  Any donations in support of graffiti abatement will be placed into the fund, together with any monies received in connection with voluntary nuisance abatement consent forms.  Expenditures from this fund may occur upon the approval of any two of the following: (1) the Mayor; (2) the Commissioner-in-Charge of the Office of Community & Civic Life; and (3) the Graffiti Abatement Manager.  Such expenditures shall be limited to: the payment of the cost of removal of graffiti; the purchase, acquisition, operation and maintenance of graffiti removal equipment and supplies; the costs of administering the graffiti nuisance abatement ordinance; and such other public purposes as may be approved by the City Council.