5.04.180 CityFleet Operating Fund.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance 161018, amended by Ordinances 163837, 176003, 178797 and 181483, effective January 18, 2008.) 

  1. A. The CityFleet Operating Fund is hereby created as an internal service fund within the Office of Management and Finance described in Chapter 3.15 of this Code.  The major operating funds for this Fund shall be generated by Interagency Agreements with the City bureaus and others using the services.  Other receipts of the Fund shall include service charges to users, interest earned by the Fund and any other monies which are appropriate revenues.  Expenditures from the Fund shall be in accordance with appropriations made by the Council.
  2. B.  Short-term loans from the General Fund to the CityFleet Operating Fund, which are to be repaid in the same fiscal year in which the loan is made, are hereby authorized without interest to provide temporary working capital, as needed, provided that each loan is first approved in writing by the Commissioner of Finance and Administration.