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200s Additional Use and Development Regulations

City Code Zoning Group

The 200 series contains regulations for specific uses and development types that apply in many base zones. The chapters in this series also state the development standards that apply across many zones such as the parking and landscaping regulations. This grouping provides consolidated information and less repetition in code language. There are references in the base zones to the requirements in the 200 series, when applicable. The regulations in the 200s generally supplement the regulations in the base zones.

33.209 Aviation (PDF - 83.25 KB)
33.216 Cluster Housing (PDF - 89.58 KB)
33.219 Convenience Stores (PDF - 122.45 KB)
33.222 Demolitions (PDF - 86.86 KB)
33.236 Floating Structures (PDF - 112.01 KB)
33.239 Group Living (PDF - 90.54 KB)
33.245 Inclusionary Housing (PDF - 214.18 KB)
33.262 Off-Site Impacts (PDF - 177.98 KB)
33.270 Planned Development (PDF - 296.73 KB)
33.284 Self-Service Storage (PDF - 119.88 KB)
33.286 Signs (PDF - 99.44 KB)
33.293 Superblocks (PDF - 123.65 KB)
33.296 Temporary Activities (PDF - 258.88 KB)
33.299 Wind Turbines (PDF - 702.67 KB)