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Title 33 Planning and Zoning

City Code Title

Zoning Map

The Zoning App holds high-level summaries of base zones, overlay zones, plan districts, historic and conservation districts, and natural resource management plans in the City of Portland. Interact with the map to explore zoning details or search for an address.

Explore the Zoning App

Use the Zoning Quarter Section Index Map to search for an address or navigate the map to find the location of the quarter section. Click/tap the square to open the quarter section map.

Explore the Zoning Quarter Section Index Map

The searchable Zoning Maps Database contains all current and previous versions of the zoning quarter section maps and zoning code maps.

Explore the Zoning Maps Database 

Zoning Code

Historical Zoning and Land Use Division Codes are available in eFiles: 
Title 33 
Title 34

Upcoming and Recent Changes

Zoning Code Update Packet #199

Effective Date

This final Zoning Code update packet of 2021 fixes outstanding typos. 

Zoning Code Update Packet #198

Effective Date

These Zoning Code updates are the result of the Residential Infill Project part 1, Shelter to Housing Continuum Project, Design Overlay Zone Amendments, and the River Plan / South Reach (Macadam Plan changes). All are effective August 1, 2021.

Zoning Code Update Packet #197

Effective Date

April 30, 2021