32.66.050 Review by the Director.

City Code Section
  1. A. If a responsible party has received a written citation or stop work order as described in this Chapter and the responsible party believes the citation or order has been issued in error, the responsible party may request that the citation or order be reviewed by the Director. The responsible party must submit a written request to the Director within 15 days of the date of the citation or order. The written request shall be submitted together with all evidence that supports the responsible party’s request. Work subject to a stop work order may not be resumed until approved according to Section 32.66.040, Stop Work Orders. Following review, the Director will issue a written determination. The Director’s determination will be served on the responsible party by regular mail.
  2. B. A responsible party may appeal the Director’s written determination to the Code Hearings Officer in accordance with Chapter 22.10 of Portland City Code.
  3. C.  Nothing in this Chapter limits the authority of the Director to initiate a code enforcement proceeding under Title 22, Hearings Officer for any violations of this Title.