32.66.040 Stop Work Orders.

City Code Section
  1. A. When any work is being in violation of this Title, the Director may issue a stop work order requiring that all work, except work directly related to elimination of the violation, be immediately and completely stopped. If the Director issues a stop work order, the responsible party may not resume work until such time as the Director gives specific approval in writing. The stop work order will be in writing and will include:
    1. 1. The date that the order is issued;
    2. 2. The permit or registration number, where applicable;
    3. 3. The site address, legal description or project location that is subject to the order;
    4. 4. A description of the violations that have been observed; and
    5. 5. The conditions under which the work may resume.
  2. B. The stop work order will be posted by the Director at a conspicuous location at the site. In addition, a copy of the order will either be personally delivered to the responsible party, or delivered by Registered or Certified Mail to the responsible party. If the responsible party is not the property owner, a copy of the stop work order will also be sent to the property owner.
  3. C. It is unlawful for any person to remove, obscure, mutilate or otherwise damage a stop work order.
  4. D. A stop work order is effective upon posting.
  5. E. When an emergency condition exists, the Director may issue a stop work order orally. The Director will then issue a written order as provided under Subsection A., above, within one working day.