Chapter 32.64 Inspection

City Code Chapter

32.64.010 General.

  1. A. The Director may conduct inspections whenever it is necessary to enforce any provision of this Title, to determine compliance with this Title or whenever the Director has reasonable cause to believe there exists any violation of this Title.
  2. B. Inspections will occur at reasonable times of the day. If the responsible party is at the site when the inspection is occurring, the Director or authorized representative will first present proper credentials to the responsible party and request entry. If such entry is refused, the Director will have recourse to any remedy provided by law to obtain entry, including obtaining an administrative search warrant.

32.64.020 Inspections.

  1. A. Signs and awnings with permits. The Director will conduct the following inspections on signs and awnings for which a permit has been issued. The permit holder must notify the Director at the appropriate inspection phases that the work is ready for inspection. Inspections are required at the following stages of construction:
    1. 1.  Foundation, anchorage, attachments and other structural support of the sign, sign structure and awning.
    2. 2. Electrical connections of the sign, sign lighting or awning lighting. No person may make connections of a sign, sign lighting or awning lighting to a power source until all electrical components and connections have been approved.
    3. 3. Final sign installation to determine compliance with the approved plans.
  2. B. Registered signs. The Director will conduct random inspections to determine compliance of registered banners, balloons, temporary fascia, temporary freestanding, and portable signs with the provisions of this Title.
  3. C. Other inspections. The Director may conduct other inspections not specifically addressed above to determine compliance with this Title.
  4. D. Re-inspections. The Director may conduct re-inspections whenever a sign or awning is found not to be in compliance with this Title or with the issued permit or registration.

32.64.030 Refusal of Entry.

  1. No person may refuse entry or access to a site of a permitted or registered sign or awning to any authorized representative of the Director who provides proper credentials and requires entry for the purpose of conducting an inspection.  In addition, no person may obstruct, hamper or interfere with representatives of the Director while in the process of carrying out their official duties.