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32.62.030 Review of Applications and Issuance of Permits.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176469 and 176955, effective October 9, 2002.)

A. Review of applications.

1. General. Applications for sign permits and registrations will be reviewed for compliance with the requirements of this Title. Proposals for signs and awnings that are allowed without other reviews are reviewed for compliance with the requirements of this Title. The review is a nondiscretionary administrative review. Decisions on application are made by the Director and are final. The review will be done according to general operating procedures of the Bureau of Development Services and the City.

2. Actions of the Director. Where the Director finds that a proposed sign or awning does not comply with this Title, the Director must either require revisions to the proposal, require additional reviews or deny the application.

3. Additional reviews required. Applications for permits or registration for signs that require additional reviews, or that do not comply with the provisions of this Title, may require additional review according to procedures described in Chapters 32.38 and 32.44.

B. Issuance of permits and registrations.

1. General. No sign permit or registration will be issued until the application is approved by the Director.

2. Electrical sign contractor. Permits for signs containing electrical components will be issued only to an appropriately licensed State of Oregon electrical contractor or the owner of the property. Lighting for awnings or indirect lighting for signs require a separate electrical permit.

3. Permits issued to property owners. Permits for signs or awnings containing electrical components will be issued to a property owner only where all work done under the permit will be performed by the owner or by a member of the immediate family of the owner and when the owner does not intend to sell, exchange, lease or rent the property within 6 months of final approval of the permitted work.

4. Access consent required. As a condition of permit or registration issuance, the responsible party must agree to allow access to the site for all inspections to be conducted.

5. Posting of sign permit and sticker and registration sticker.

a. Sign permits and stickers. A sign permit for permanent signs attached to buildings and freestanding signs must be prominently posted in a location visible from the outside of the building located closest to the location of the sign installation until such time that the sign has received final inspection and has been approved.

Permanent signs must be permanently identified with a sign sticker provided by the Director.

b. Temporary banners, balloons, temporary fascia, temporary freestanding, and portable signs. Temporary banner, temporary balloon, temporary fascia, temporary freestanding, and portable sign registration must be identified with a registration sticker for each registration period. Stickers must be affixed to the approved banner, balloon, fascia or freestanding sign, or approved portable sign in a location that is visible from the right-of- way. Registration stickers must remain affixed and visible for the entire registration period during which the sign is visible from the right-of-way.

6. Identification. The installer of a permanent sign or permanent banner must display on the sign or banner the installer’s name and date of installation.

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