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32.52.020 Pre-Approved Designs.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 178172, effective March 5, 2004.) The Director may approve structural awning designs which can be used for more than one awning at more than one site. Subsequent permit applications can reference pre-approved awning designs. Requests for pre-approved awning designs must include appropriate plans and calculations prepared and stamped by an Oregon licensed engineer. Pre-approved awning designs will be subject to the following limitations:

A. Pre-approved designs are limited to awnings that are no more than 40 feet from the lowest ground level to the maximum height of the awning; and such awnings must comply with the pedestrian clearance requirements of Subsection 32.42.010 C, Clearances.

B. Pre-approved designs for awnings will be limited to the attachment methods and materials and the wall materials specified in the request and approved by the Director.

C. In the Design Overlay Zone, awnings using pre-approved designs are subject to Chapter 33.420, Design Review.