Storm damage recovery

32.52.010 Structural Standards.

City Code Section

A. Exterior awnings, including those not located over a public right-of-way and interior awnings located within malls and atriums, must comply with the provisions of Chapter 32 of the Building Code and this Title. Awnings may be fixed or retractable.

B. Exterior awnings must be designed to support appropriate snow and wind loads, including drifting.

C. Awnings and methods to attach and anchor awnings to buildings must be designed and constructed in accordance with applicable provisions of the Building Code. All awnings and attachments must be designed for the appropriate dead and seismic loads. The awning framework must be capable of supporting not less than 15 pounds per square foot of uniform load over the entire horizontal projection without consideration of snow drifting.

D. The supports for all awnings must be located outside of any right-of-way.

E. Welds of awning frames must be welded in accordance with the Building Code. Welding must be done by approved welders as provided in the Building Code.

F. Awning structures and anchorages to a building must be individually designed in accordance with the Building Code and the provisions of this Title, except as provided in Section 32.52.020, Pre-Approved Designs.