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32.42.030 Maintenance Requirements.

A. General. Signs, sign structures and awnings, together with their supports, braces, guys, anchors and electrical components must be maintained in a proper state of repair. The Director may order the removal of any sign, sign structure or awning that is not maintained in accordance to this Title.

B. Dangerous structures and equipment.

1. Signs, sign structures or awnings that are dangerous must be taken down and removed or made safe as the Director deems necessary. Signs may be deemed dangerous for one or more of the following reasons:

a. Whenever a sign structure or its foundation, a sign’s attachments to a building, or a building to which a sign is attached is damaged by fire, earthquake, wind, flood or by any other cause, to such an extent that the structural strength or stability is materially less than it was before the catastrophe and is less than the minimum requirements of the Buildings Code;

b. Whenever any portion or member of a sign, sign structure or awning is likely to fail, or become detached or dislodged, or to collapse and thereby injure persons or property;

c. Whenever any portion or member of a sign, sign structure or awning is likely to partially or completely collapse as a result of any cause, including, dilapidation, deterioration, or decay; faulty construction or wiring; or removal, movement or instability of any portion of the ground or building necessary for supporting such structure; or

d. Whenever a sign, sign structure or awning is structurally or electrically unsafe or otherwise hazardous to human life or safety by reason of inadequate maintenance, dilapidation, obsolescence, fire hazard, disaster, damage or abandonment.

2. All signs, sign structures and awnings determined after inspection by the Director to be dangerous must be abated by repair, rehabilitation, demolition or removal according to the procedures specified in Title 29, Housing and Maintenance Regulations.

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