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32.38.040 Determination of Nonconforming Sign Status Review.

A.  Purpose. This review determines if a sign has legal nonconforming sign status.

B. When this review is required. A Determination of Nonconforming Sign Status Review is required where a land use review or permit for a sign is requested, and the applicant does not provide standard evidence or the Director does not find the evidence to be satisfactory. This review also may be requested by an applicant when it is not required.

C. Procedure. Determination of Nonconforming Sign Status Reviews are processed through a Type II procedure. See Zoning Code Chapter 33.730, Quasi-Judicial Procedures.

D. Approval criteria. The legal nonconforming status of a sign will be certified if the review body finds that the applicant has shown that the following approval criteria have been met. The applicant must show that the sign meets criteria D.1. and either criteria D.2 or D.3:

1. The sign has not been moved, structurally altered, or increased in size since November 17, 1998; and

2. The sign existed before November 18, 1998; or

3. The sign would have been allowed when established.

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