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32.38.010 General.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 185915, effective May 1, 2013.)

A.  Procedures.  Land use reviews of signs are administered under the provisions of Title 33, Planning and Zoning as modified by this chapter. 

B.  Adjustments and Modifications.  Requests for adjustments from the regulations of Chapters 32.30 through 32.38 are reviewed under Section 32.38.030, Adjustments.  Modifications from the regulations of Chapters 32.30 through 32.38 through Design Review or Historic Resource Review are reviewed as specified in Chapters 33.825 and 33.846 of the Zoning Code.  When the provisions of this Title prohibit adjustments, applications for adjustments will not be accepted.

C.  Content-Neutral Administration of Land Use Reviews.  Notwithstanding any other provision of this Title or of related standards referenced in this Title, applications for adjustments, design review, and historic resource review for signs will be reviewed only with respect to sign structure or placement, or with reference to copy only to the extent of color or typeface and excluding any reference to message, category, subject, topic, or viewpoint.

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