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32.32.010 Standards in the Residential Zones, Campus Institution 1, Commercial Residential, and Open Space Zone.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176469, 188959, 189137 and 189805, effective March 1, 2020.)

A.  General standards.  The standards for permanent signs in the RF through RM4 zones and for the RMP, IR, CI1, CR and OS zones are stated in Table 1.  The sign standards for the RX zone are stated in Table 2.  All signs must conform to the regulations of Section 32.32.030.

Table 1
Standards for Permanent Signs in CI1, CR, IR, OS and RF Through RM4 Zones [1]

Use Category/Structure   Type [2]

Number of


Max. Sign

Face Area

Types of

Signs Allowed


Sign Height

Additional Signs Allowed [3]

Household Living/
  Houses, Duplexes,
  Attached Houses.

1 per site

1 sq. ft.


Painted Wall


Top of wall, or 10 ft.   whichever is less.

6 ft.

lawn signs, directional   signs

Household Living/
  Townhouse, Multi-dwelling

Group Living, Day Care,

Nonresidential category uses   not listed below.

1 per building

10 sq. ft.

Fascia, Awning, Painted Wall


Top of wall

10 ft.

lawn signs, directional   signs

Subdivisions, PUDs,   Houseboat Moorages, Mobile Home Parks, Agricultural Uses. [4]

1 per entrance

32 sq. ft.


10 ft.

lawn signs, directional   signs

Parks and Open Areas [5]

1 per street frontage

10 sq. ft.


10 ft

lawn signs, directional   signs

Colleges, Community Service,   Medical Centers, Religious Institutions, Schools, Commercial Outdoor   Recreation, Major Event Entertainment, and uses in Commercial and Industrial   use categories.

The sign standards of the RX   zones applies.  See Section 32.32.020.


[1]  Temporary signs are regulated by 32.32.030 K, Temporary Signs.

[2]  See 32.30.030, Uses, Use Categories, and Structure Types.

[3]  These signs are allowed in addition to other signs when they meet the standards of 32.32.030 H.-J.

[4]  These signs are allowed in addition to those for individual buildings.

[5]  Signs in, or adjacent to and facing, a sports fields associated with Parks and Open Areas are subject to the standards of the RX zone.  See 32.32.020.

B.  Sign features.  Signs in the RF through RM4 zones and in the RMP, IR, CI1, CR, and OS zones, except for those subject to the RX zone sign standards, are subject to the standards of this subsection.  Illuminated signs placed in windows are subject to these sign regulations.  Extensions into the right-of-way are prohibited.  Changing image sign features are prohibited and only indirect lighting is allowed.

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