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32.20.020 Terms.

City Code Section

A. Defining words. Words used in the sign code have their dictionary meaning unless they are listed in Chapter 32.22, Definitions. Words listed in the Definitions chapter have the specific meaning stated, unless the context clearly indicates another meaning.

B. Tenses and usage.

1. Words used in the singular include the plural. The reverse is also true.

2. Words used in the present tense include the future tense. The reverse is also true.

3. The words "must," "will," and "may not" are mandatory.

4. "May" is permissive.

5. "Prohibited" means that an adjustment, conditional use, or other land use review may not be requested in order to allow a modification to the regulation in question.

6. When used with numbers, "Up to x," "Not more than x" and "a maximum of x" all include x.

C. Conjunctions. Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the following conjunctions have the following meanings:

1. "And" indicates that all connected items or provisions apply;

2. "Or" indicates that the connected items or provisions may apply singly or in combination;

3. "Either...or" indicates that the connected items or provisions apply singly, but not in combination.

D. Lists. Lists of items that state "including the following," "such as," or similar language are not limited to just those items. The lists are intended to provide examples, but not to be exhaustive of all possibilities.