32.10.020 Purpose.

City Code Section
  1. These regulations balance the need to protect the public safety and welfare, the need for a well maintained and attractive community, and the need for adequate identification, communication and advertising. The regulations for signs and awnings have the following specific objectives:
  2. A. To ensure that signs and awnings are designed, constructed, installed and maintained according to minimum standards to safeguard life, health, property and public welfare;
  3. B. To allow and promote positive conditions for sign communication while at the same time avoiding nuisances to nearby properties;
  4. C. To reflect and support the desired character and development patterns of the various zones, overlay zones, and plan districts and promote an attractive environment;
  5. D. To allow for adequate and effective signs in commercial and industrial zones while preventing signs from dominating the appearance of the area; and
  6. E. To ensure that the constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech is protected.
  7. The regulations allow for a variety of sign types and sizes for a site. The provisions do not ensure or provide for every property or business owner’s desired level of visibility for the signs. The sign standards are intended to allow signs to have adequate visibility from streets and rights-of-way that abut a site, but not necessarily to streets and rights-of-way farther away.