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31.50.050 Fees Authorized.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 181956, effective June 25, 2008.)

A.   There shall be an inspection fee payable by the building owner/occupant for all periodic inspections as well as inspections requested by the owner/occupant. The building owner will be billed in situations where the occupant shows the Fire Marshal a lease agreement or some other legal arrangement with the building owner which places the responsibility for fire inspection and the payment of fees on the building owner.

1.   Exception: Inspections of primary and secondary schools and nonprofit hospitals buildings with an Oregon State Structural Code occupancy designation of I - 2 (Hospitals), shall be exempt from all fees except illegal occupancy, violation and reinspection fees.

B.   Fees for periodic inspections, reinspections, violations and penalties shall be set forth in a fee schedule adopted by City Council. All fees shall be paid to the City Treasurer within 30 days of the invoice date and shall be considered delinquent after that date. A penalty shall be assessed if a person fails to pay the fee when due.

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