31.40.070 Additional Requirements for Sale, Use and Possession of Fireworks and Pyrotechnics.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 187748 and 190728, effective April 1, 2022.)

  1. A. It is unlawful to sell, keep or offer for sale, expose for sale, possess, use, explode or have exploded any fireworks, aerial luminary devices or pyrotechnics within the City, except as specified by ORS 480.120 (1)(a-g).  For the purpose of this Chapter, the Fire Marshal of the City is recognized as an ex‑officio Deputy State Fire Marshal as provided by State statute.
  2. B. All permitted public fireworks displays may be supervised and controlled by the Fire Chief, acting by and through the Fire Marshal.
  3. C. Violations - The Fire Marshal is authorized to receive for storage or transfer explosives, blasting agents, pyrotechnics or fireworks obtained by law enforcement officers or others.  The Fire Marshal shall confiscate, remove, or have removed at the owner's expense, all stocks of fireworks or other combustibles exposed for sale or held in stock in violation of this Title, and may destroy same, when the Fire Marshal finds such measures necessary for the preservation of the public safety.

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Ordinance Number 190728

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