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31.40.060 General Requirements for Explosives, Pyrotechnics, Blasting Agents and Fireworks.

City Code Section
  1. A.  The applicant shall follow all federal, state, county and city laws and regulations applicable to obtaining, owning, transporting, storing, handling and using explosive materials in addition to obtaining all blasting permits required and issued by the City.  The Fire Marshal may adopt policies and procedures consistent with these regulations for the purpose of protecting the public, providing safety to life and property and to assure consistent practices in enforcement and administration of these requirements.
  2. B.  Shipments at Terminals.
    1. 1.  Carriers shall immediately notify the Fire Marshal when explosives, pyrotechnics, blasting agents or fireworks are delivered within the City.  Carriers delivering such cargo at a waterfront terminal shall also notify the Harbor Master of such delivery.
    2. 2.  Carriers of explosives, pyrotechnics, blasting agents or fireworks for delivery within the City shall immediately upon arrival at the destination notify the consignee or the consignee's agent of the arrival of the cargo.  The consignee or the consignee's agent shall, within 24 hours after the arrival of the cargo in the City, move the cargo outside the City or to a storage facility within the City approved by the Fire Marshal.  Upon a showing of extreme hardship and minimal risk of danger to life and property, the Fire Marshal may extend the 24 hour period.  If, after notification, the consignee or the consignee's agent does not move the cargo as specified above and within the time specified above, the carrier shall so notify the Fire Marshal, who shall instruct the carrier as to the disposition of the cargo.
    3. 3.  No explosives, pyrotechnics, blasting agents or fireworks awaiting further shipment to destinations outside the City shall be held at a terminal within the City for more than 24 hours unless under direct order of the Fire Marshal.
  3. C. Transportation by Water. 
    1. 1.  All explosives, blasting agents, fireworks and pyrotechnics transported from land to water or from water to land are subject to regulation under applicable provisions of this Chapter and Portland City Code 19 “Harbors” and shall be subject to supervision by the Harbor Master with regard to loading, unloading and handling on any waterfront facility in the City.  The Harbor Master shall notify the Fire Marshal when any vessel having explosives, blasting agents, pyrotechnics or fireworks on board enters the City limits.
    2. 2.  The party with legal custody shall provide adequate security of explosives, blasting agents, pyrotechnics and fireworks during the time that they are held at any waterfront facility.