The Portland Water Bureau is monitoring a fire in the Bull Run Watershed

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31.40.030 Applications.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Applications for permits shall be made to the Fire Prevention Division in such form and detail as prescribed by the Fire Bureau.  The application shall be accompanied by payment as set forth in Fee Schedule adopted by City Council.  Applications for the permit and required plans shall be submitted for approval not less than two weeks prior to the event or the commencement of advance ticket sales, whichever occurs first. Applications submitted less than one week prior to the event shall be charged double the permit fee set forth in the Fee Schedule.
  2. B.  The application for the permit shall state the name, address and telephone number of the owner or party legally occupying the building or premises on which the activity will be conducted.  The application shall be accompanied by the written permission of the owner or legal occupant, signed by a person with authority to do so, authorizing the applicant to carry on the activity described in the application, in the building or on the premises described.
  3. C.  When required by the Fire Marshal, sufficient plans, specifications, and engineering data must be submitted for the purpose of verifying that the proposed activity or design complies with applicable codes, standards and regulations.  When the applicant fails to provide adequate specifications and plan detail, the Fire Marshal may require additional information including all submittals to be prepared by an architect or engineer registered in the State of Oregon.
  4. D.  The Fire Marshal may refuse to issue a permit if the applicant has unpaid fees for prior permits or unpaid citations.