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31.30.050 Additional Permit Requirements.

A.  Plan Review.

Plans for construction, alteration, repair, or other work involving or affecting the fire and life safety features of any building regulated by the Fire Marshal shall be reviewed by representatives of the Fire Prevention Division prior to issuance of the building permit.

B.  Inspection of Permitted Work.

All construction, work, or activity for which a permit is required shall be subject to inspection by the Fire Marshal.  It shall be the duty of the permit applicant to cause the work to be accessible and exposed for inspection purposes.  Neither the Fire Marshal nor the City shall be liable for expense entailed in the removal or replacement of any material required to allow inspection.

C.  Inspection Requests.

It shall be the duty of the person doing the work authorized by a permit to notify the Fire Marshal that such work is ready for inspection.  The Fire Marshal may require that every request for inspection be filed at least one working day before such inspection is desired.  Such request may be in writing, by telephone, or by other means at the option of the Fire Marshal.  Upon inspection the fire Marshal may require corrections.  It shall be the duty of the permit applicant requesting an inspection to promptly comply with the written notice of corrections required by the Fire Marshal as a condition of the permit.  A fee may be charged for re-inspections when the work is not ready for the requested inspection.

D.  Inspection Record Card.

Work requiring a permit shall not be commenced until the permit holder or his agent shall post an inspection record card in a conspicuous place on the premises which allows the Fire Marshal to conveniently make the required entries regarding the work.  This card shall be maintained as described until final approval of permitted work has been granted by the Fire Marshal.

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