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31.30.010 Fire Chief Authorized to Establish Access Standards.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 184522, 185448 and 186053, effective January 1, 2015.) The Fire Chief shall prescribe standards for streets and roadways that provide access for fire department apparatus.  Such standards shall apply to every building hereafter constructed.  Standards shall prescribe minimum unobstructed width, turning radius, load capacity, clearance, grade and other criteria deemed necessary for apparatus access.  Application of these standards shall include considerations for designing and locating access in a manner that minimizes tree removal and meets the tree protection specifications of Title 11, Trees, to the extent practical.  Where practical the adopted standards shall be consistent with development standards for public and private streets.

A.  The Fire Chief may require an increase in minimum access widths where such width is not adequate for fire or rescue operations.

B.  Dead-end fire department access roads more than 300 feet in length shall include provisions for turning around fire department apparatus within 150 feet of the closed end.

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