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31.20.110 Certificates of Fitness.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 181956, effective June 25, 2008.)

A.   A Certificate of Fitness shall first be obtained from the Fire Marshal before doing any of the following:

1.   Automatic sprinkler system installation, alteration, testing, service or repair;

2.   Fire extinguisher refilling, service or repair;

3.   Fixed fire extinguishing systems installation, alteration, testing, service or repair;

4.   Privately owned fire mains or hydrant systems installation, alteration, testing, service or repair;

5.   Commercial cooking hood and duct system cleaning.

B.   When an applicant has successfully complied with regulations administered by the Fire Marshal, and upon receipt of the first annual fee as specified in the fee scheduled adopted by City Council, the Fire Marshal shall issue a Certificate of Fitness to the applicant. The Fire Marshal shall issue subsequent annual Certificates of Fitness on payment of an annual fee, unless the certification has lapsed, been suspended or been revoked.

C.   Each Certificate of Fitness issued shall remain valid and in effect for one year from the date of issue unless suspended or revoked for due cause by the Fire Marshal. The certificate shall not be transferable.

D.   It is unlawful for any person firm or corporation to assign an employee or other person to perform any of the activities regulated by this Chapter unless such employee or person is certified, or working under an on-site supervisor who is certified.

E.   Whenever the Fire Marshal determines after investigation that any person holding a Certificate of Fitness as provided herein has performed work so as to create a hazard to life or property, the Fire Marshal is authorized and empowered to suspend or revoke the Certificate of Fitness. Notice shall be given of the suspension or revocation and the reasons for the suspension or revocation shall be identified in the notice.

F.   The Fire Marshal may issue a citation to firms or corporations in violation of this Chapter.

G.   Any person, firm or corporation so affected may appeal such suspension, revocation or citation as provided in this Title.

H.   Once a Certificate of Fitness has been revoked, an applicant shall reapply, meet the requirements of certification and pay fees for a new Certificate before performing work on equipment requiring a Certificate. The Fire Marshal may delay issuance of new Certificate for up to 90 days following revocation.

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