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31.20.070 Temporary Fire Watch.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 181956, effective June 25, 2008.)

A.   In order to avoid relocating persons from, or the vacation of, any structure, place of business or place of habitation that is imminently dangerous, as described in this Title, the Fire Marshal or senior fire officer may, if he determines that a reasonable level of fire and life safety can be obtained, order the owner/occupant to provide either a licensed, bonded security agency or other means approved by the Fire Bureau, to perform as a fire watch, making periodic patrols, as designated by the Fire Bureau, as a condition of allowing continued occupancy. If such patrols are not available or cannot be established as ordered by the Fire Marshal or senior fire officer, or if owner/occupant is unavailable, or if owner/occupant does not comply with such orders of the Fire Bureau, then the Fire Marshal or senior fire officer may:

1.   Order off duty Fire Bureau personnel back to duty to provide the fire watch patrol, or

2.   Contract with a licensed, bonded security company to provide such service

B.   The owner /occupant shall be responsible for paying all costs incurred by the Fire Bureau to the City Treasurer, who will reimburse the Fire Bureau's budget for this expense. If such costs are not paid within 30 days of billing, an assessment shall be made by ordinance and entered in the docket of City liens. Such entry shall constitute a lien upon the property and collected in all respects as provided for in this Title, and shall bear interest at the rate of 9 percent per year from 10 days after the date of entry into the lien docket.