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31.20.060 Unsafe Buildings.

City Code Section

A.  Notwithstanding the mandatory directives to the Fire Marshal contained in this subsection, the Fire Marshal may, in the exercise of his authority, and in lieu of ordering the vacation of such building or structure, impose alternative interim measures, including, but not limited to, the imposition of a fire watch as established in this Title, when, in the opinion of the Fire Marshal, such interim measures will reduce such hazard so that it is no longer imminently dangerous so that persons may temporarily occupy such building or structure until such hazard has been abated.

B.   The owner, the owner’s agent, or the occupant shall reimburse the City for any expenditures used in precautionary measures under this Section; or such expenditures shall be included as an additional item and be spread as an assessment against the property.

C.  If a building or structure used for low income multi-family housing is found to be imminently dangerous, as set forth in this Title, the Fire Marshal shall not cause the use and/or occupancy of the building or structure to be discontinued immediately, but shall report the matter to the Commissioner-In-Charge who shall report the matter to the Council for consideration of rehabilitation and repair by the City, provided that the Fire Marshal, in the exercise of his discretion, finds that interim measures, including but not limited to a fire watch, will reduce the hazard so that it is no longer imminently dangerous.