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31.10.120 Rewards.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 181956, effective June 25, 2008.)

A.   Fund Authorized. The Fire Chief, in consultation with the Commissioner-in-Charge, is authorized to establish a reward fund to assist with investigations of violations of this Title. Such fund may include up to $1000 of Bureau budget allocations as well as donations from individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations.

B.   Reward Fund Disbursements. The Fire Marshal may, in consultation with the Fire Chief and Commissioner-in-Charge:

1.   Contribute funds to other public agencies or non-profit organizations to facilitate the investigation of specific arson crimes;

2.   Offer and disburse rewards directly to individuals, except as limited by this Title, who have assisted with the investigation or prosecution of a violation of this Title.

C.   A reward under the provisions of this Code shall not be paid to any United States, State, County, or municipal officer or employee. Bounty hunters are not entitled to rewards under this Chapter.

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