30.01.130 Manufactured Dwelling Park Affordable Housing Density Bonus.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance No. 189783; amended by Ordinance No. 190523, effective August 1, 2021.)

A.  Purpose Statement.  By implementing the Manufactured Dwelling Park Affordable Housing Bonus Density Program (the “MDP Program”), the City has the following goals:

1.  Support the preservation of lower-cost market rate housing in manufactured dwelling parks; and

2.  Ensure there are a variety of housing types available to low income and otherwise vulnerable people.

B.  PHB will certify whether a manufactured dwelling park meets the affordability standards in PCC 33.120.205 F.2. The PHB Director is authorized to adopt administrative rules to enforce the affordability standards.

C.  Manufactured dwellings parks approved for the MDP Program must satisfy the following criteria:

1.  Manufactured dwellings shall remain affordable for a period of 99 years.

2.  Owners are required to sign a Regulatory Agreement to be recorded on the title to the property receiving a density bonus under the MDP Program.

3.  Owners shall submit annual documentation of tenant income and rents for the affordable manufactured dwellings to PHB.

4.  The Regulatory Agreement will authorize PHB to inspect files documenting tenant income and rents of the affordable manufactured dwellings for compliance with MDP Program requirements.

5.  Failure to meet the requirements of the MDP Program will result in a penalty, and could result in legal action.

D.  The Director of PHB or a designee may enter into covenants and agreements, prepare forms and adopt, amend and repeal Administrative Rules, and establish procedures which establish procedures, policies, program requirements, compliance monitoring standards, and penalties, for the implementation, administration and enforcement of a program consistent with the provisions of this Section. The Director of PHB, or a designee, has authority to make changes to the Administrative Rules as is necessary to meet current City housing program requirements. PHB Administrative Rules will set forth clear and objective criteria to establish minimum standards for affordable units restricted under the MDP program.

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Ordinance Number 190523

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