30.01.080 Local Preservation Projects - Tenant and City Notice Provisions.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 186028, effective May 15, 2013.)

A.  When the owner of a Local Preservation Project takes action which will make the affordable housing no longer affordable, whether the affordability requirements which were established under prior agreement with the City, PDC or State have expired or are still in effect, the owner must provide a notice of 90 days to the City.  The notice shall meet standards developed by PHB.  During the 90-day notification period, the owner may not sell or contract to sell the property, but may engage in discussions with other interested parties.  Within this period, the City or its designee may make an offer to purchase or attempt to coordinate a purchase by an owner committed to maintaining affordability.

B.   Owners of Local Preservation Projects who have decided to take action described in 30.01.080 A., must provide a notice of 90 days to tenants.  This shall be in addition to the City notice to be provided to the City under 30.01.080 A.  During this notice period the Owner may not initiate a no-cause eviction.  The notice must meet standards developed by PHB.