30.01.070 Federal Preservation Projects - Civil Fines.

City Code Section

(Replaced by Ordinance No.174180; amended by Ordinance No. 186028, effective May 15, 2013.)

A.  An owner who fails to comply with any of the requirements specified in PCC 30.01.050 A.-E., tenant notice requirements in 30.01.060 A., or PHB procedures implementing those specified provisions of this Chapter, shall pay a civil fine.  The fine shall be calculated in relation to the costs and damages caused by the owner’s failure to comply, up to full replacement costs of each project-based Section 8 housing unit lost.  Such civil fines shall be payable into a housing replacement fund to be established and managed by the City.  If the civil fine is not received within the timeframes specified in the Administrative Procedures developed by PHB, the City may commence enforcement proceedings.

B.  Any civil fines received shall be used only for creating replacement housing serving households at or below 50 percent MFI.