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30.01.010 Policy.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 187380, effective November 13, 2015.) 

  1. It is the policy of the City of Portland that all Portlanders, regardless of income level, family composition, race, ethnicity or physical ability, have reasonable certainty in their housing, whether publicly assisted or on the private market. Consequently, publicly assisted rental housing affordable to low and moderate income persons and households should be preserved as a long-term resource to the maximum extent practicable, and the tenants of such properties should receive protections to facilitate securing new housing should the affordable units be converted to market rate units or otherwise be lost as a resource for low and moderate income housing.  Likewise, Portland  renters  in unregulated  housing  on the private market, need  additional  protections  to  ensure  that  there  is adequate  time  to  find alternative housing  in the case of a no cause eviction and adequate time to budget  for an increase in rent.