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3.98.060 Powers of Board.

The Board shall be responsible for reviewing the performance of the City’s towing service contracts and to recommend to the Council any changes it feels necessary to promote the general purpose of establishing fair and equitable arrangements for the performance of tows requested by City personnel and the board shall be empowered to act on behalf of the City to:

A. Oversee the operation of and inspect the equipment and personnel qualifications of all parties contracting with the City for towing or dispatching service to determine if they are in compliance with their contracts; and hear and investigate complaints regarding the City’s towing contracts and the performance thereof.

B. Establish dispatching district boundaries and lists of towing companies within each district eligible to be dispatched for tows:

1. In establishing district boundaries, the Board shall consider;

a. The number and location of towing companies certified by the board as eligible for City towing contractors, and;

b. That the purpose of establishing districts is to ensure that a tow truck shall be available in the minimum amount of time possible and no later than 30 minutes after request for tow is received; and a motorist whose vehicle is towed shall have to travel the minimum possible distance to recover his vehicle;

2. The Board is authorized to establish separate district boundaries if necessary for the dispatching of tows to be performed under different forms of contracts.

C. Cancel any towing or dispatching contract under the terms thereof.

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