Chapter 3.86 Golf Advisory Committee

City Code Chapter

(Chapter added by Ordinance 133195, effective September 20, 1971.)

3.86.010 Created Organization.

(Amended by Ordinances 169770, 178253, 178935 and 186275, effective November 1, 2013.) 

  1. There hereby is created an advisory committee to the Commissioner-in-Charge and Director of Parks to be known as the Golf Advisory Committee, consisting of ten voting members who shall serve without compensation.  Members will however be entitled the use of each of the City’s golf facilities, up to 4 times per year at no charge. Following each committee member visit to one of the golf facilities on this basis, he/she will be required to document the business purpose of the visit on a GAC Visit Form provided by the City. The Commissioner-in-Charge shall appoint the members of the Committee, the members to serve for a term of  three years and may serve two consecutive terms. The Commissioner-in-Charge shall seek, to the extent feasible, to promote socio-economic diversity in appointments to the Committee, and, in order to accomplish or promote such diversity, may authorize, in the Commissioner’s sole discretion, complimentary use of the City’s golf facilities in addition to that provided to Committee members under this Section. The requirement of this Section that members document the business purpose of their free use of golf facilities shall apply to such additional use authorized by the Commissioner. The Commissioner-in-Charge or his/her representative shall be an ex-officio member of the Committee.

3.86.020 Procedure and Rules.

(Amended by Ordinance 169770, effective March 8, 1996.)

  1. The Golf Advisory Committee shall establish operating rules, bylaws, and procedures for all matters for consideration or action by the Committee, subject to the approval of the City Attorney. The Committee shall hold meetings at such time as is set by the body and at any other time at the call of the Committee Chair.

3.86.030 Duties.

(Amended by Ordinances 169770 and 186275, effective November 1, 2013.) 

  1. The Golf Advisory Committee duties shall include, but not be limited to advising the Commissioner-in-Charge and the Director of Parks regarding the following areas: Golf Program budget review, review of the golf Program’s Capital Improvement Program; review of golf concession contracts and proposals; review of the development, and monitoring of, the Golf Program’s Strategic Plan, the marketing of the municipal Golf System; maximization and use of Golf System revenue.  The Golf Advisory Committee shall make an annual written report to the Commissioner-in-Charge, the Director of Parks and to the Council.