Chapter 3.80 Special Permits

City Code Chapter

3.80.010 Operations to Cease Upon Expiration of Permit.

  1. It is unlawful for any person, who has been granted a special permit, whether under any special code or not, to continue to operate under the terms of the permit after the date on which the special permit, by its terms, expires. All persons to whom such a special permit has been granted by the Council shall come within the terms of this provision and comply herewith immediately after the expiration of the special permit by ceasing the operations allowed under the terms of the special permit.

3.80.020 Use of Park Property for Private Gardening Purposes.

  1. Park property not needed by the City for development may be used by private parties for gardening purposes by obtaining a special permit. The bureau of parks is authorized to issue revocable permits for such purpose and shall impose such conditions as are necessary and advisable to protect the interests of the City.