3.77.150 Procedure after Investigation.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 188842, effective March 30, 2018.) 

  1. A.  If, after investigation, the Ombudsman is of the opinion that an agency should:
    1. 1.  consider the matter further,
    2. 2.  modify or cancel an act,
    3. 3.  alter a regulation, ruling, practice, policy or procedure;
    4. 4.  explain more fully the act in question,
    5. 5.  rectify an omission, or take any other action,  the Ombudsman shall state any conclusions, recommendations and reasons therefor to the agency.  If the Ombudsman so requests, the agency shall, within the time specified, inform the Ombudsman about the action taken on recommendations or the reasons for not implementing them.
  2. B.  After a reasonable period of time has elapsed, the Ombudsman may issue final conclusions or recommendations to the Auditor, the Mayor and City Commissioners, a grand jury, the public, or any other appropriate authority.  The Ombudsman shall include any brief statement the agency may provide if an opportunity to reply is required by this Chapter.
  3. C.  If the Ombudsman believes that an action has been dictated by laws whose results are unfair or otherwise objectionable, and could be revised by City Council action, the Ombudsman shall notify the City Council and the agency of a desirable statutory change.
  4. D.  If the Ombudsman believes that any agency official or employee has acted in a manner warranting criminal or disciplinary proceedings, the Ombudsman shall refer the matter to the appropriate authorities without notice to that person.