3.76.050 Duties of Elected Officials and the Managers of City Agencies.

City Code Section
  1. Each City elected official and agency manager shall:
  2. A.   Make and preserve records containing adequate documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures and essential transactions of the agency which are designed to furnish the information necessary to protect the legal and financial rights of the City and of persons directly affected by the agency’s activities;
  3. B.  Ensure staff compliance with City records policies and procedures established by Archives and Records Management;
  4. C.  Work with Archives and Records Management to develop and review records retention schedules for records maintained by the agency;
  5. D.  Inform Archives and Records Management of any regulatory changes affecting record retention, maintenance or access requirements;
  6. E.  Notify Archives and Records Management of any program changes that may affect the management of City records, including but not limited to:  new agency responsibilities; records that are no longer being created; changes to records maintenance practices;
  7. F.   Follow established procedures to identify, segregate and protect records vital to the continuing operation of an agency in the event of natural or man‑made disaster;
  8. G.   Ensure that at least one copy of each report, document, study, publication or consultant report prepared at City expense be deposited with the Archives;
  9. H.   Notify the Archives of records older than 25 years in the agency’s possession; transfer control of original records upon notification from the Archives;
  10. I.   Establish safeguards against unauthorized or unlawful removal, loss or destruction of City records;
  11. J.  Ensure that City records are maintained in an manner that meets guidelines set by Archives and Records Management for security and environment;
  12. K.  Designate a management level employee to act as a liaison between the agency and Archives and Records Management on all matters relating to the archives and records management program.