3.76.040 Authority and Duties of the Archives and Records Management Program.

City Code Section
  1. The Archives and Records Management Program shall:
  2. A.  Operate the program and the Archives and Records Center facility in accordance with currently accepted archives and records management professional standards;
  3. B.  Acquire, receive, appraise and secure records of permanent value from agencies of the City of Portland when those records are no longer necessary for conducting current business;
  4. C.  Acquire, receive, appraise, and secure all records for areas annexed by the City from a county or special district or from a defunct agency of the City of Portland;
  5. D.  Negotiate for the acquisition and return of City records which have been removed from its possession;
  6. E.  Secure transfer of records to the Archives when it has been determined that the records are stored under conditions that do not meet the standards established by Archives and Records Management;
  7. F.  Maintain inventories, indexes, catalogs, and other finding aids or guides to facilitate access to the City Archives;
  8. G.  Analyze, develop and provide written standards and procedures for the care and maintenance of City records, including those created and/or maintained in electronic format;
  9. H.  Establish minimum recordkeeping requirements for business systems or applications that maintain official City records;
  10. I.  Provide access, as defined by State law and City policies, to the records within Archives and Records Management’s custodianship;
  11. J.  Establish procedures for City agencies regarding the identification, segregation, and protection of records vital to continuing operations to comply with the City’s emergency preparedness policies;
  12. K.  Establish standards for City agencies with regard to the appropriate use of record media, accounting for cost, access and preservation;
  13. L.  Establish procedures for the preparation of records inventories and descriptions; develop records retention schedules for review by the City Auditor and City Attorney and which meet the requirements of Oregon Administrative Rules;
  14. M.  Establish procedures for the prompt and orderly disposition of City records for which the state archivist has granted authority to destroy because they no longer possess administrative, legal, or research value to warrant their retention;
  15. N.  Provide training to City agencies and employees on all aspects of records management.