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Chapter 3.70 Pittock Mansion Advisory Commission

City Code Chapter

3.70.010 Created - Terms.

  1. There hereby is created a Pittock Mansion Advisory Commission for the City, to which the Mayor, Commissioner In Charge of the Bureau of Parks, and Superintendent of Parks shall be ex officio members. The Commission shall otherwise consist of nine members appointed by the Mayor. The Mayor shall initially appoint two members for 1 year, three members for 2 years, two members for 3 years, and two members for 4 years. Thereafter all appointments shall be by the Mayor for 4-year terms, provided, when an interim vacancy occurs the appointment shall be to fill the unexpired term of the position vacated. All members shall serve without compensation. The term of each such appointment shall be extended as necessary so that the term ends November 1.

3.70.030 Special Committees and Services.

  1. Upon request of the Commission, the Mayor may appoint one or more special committees to serve the Commission in an advisory capacity. Secretarial services and office requirements shall be furnished to the Commission by the Bureau of Parks.

3.70.040 Meetings.

(Amended by Ordinance 154194; repealed by Ordinance 167733, effective June 1, 1994.)

3.70.050 Officers.

  1. Officers of the Commission shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, elected from its membership at the organizational meeting and at each annual meeting thereafter. All Commission officers shall serve until the annual meeting next following their election or thereafter until a successor is elected.

3.70.060 Rules - Quorum.

  1. Rules of procedure may be adopted and amended only upon an affirmative vote of six or more Commission members. Election of officers, removal of members, and regular business of the Commission shall be passed upon by the majority of a quorum. Not less than five members shall constitute a quorum. Each member shall be entitled to one vote.

3.70.070 Vacancy.

  1. Death, resignation, removal or inability to serve shall constitute a vacancy in the Commission. The Commission may remove any member for cause. Unexcused absence from four consecutive Commission meetings shall constitute cause for removal.