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Chapter 3.68 Formal Japanese Garden Commission

City Code Chapter

3.68.010 Created.

  1. There hereby is created a Formal Japanese Garden Commission for the City. The Commission shall consist of the Mayor, the Commissioner In Charge of the Bureau of Parks, the President of the Japan Society of Oregon, the President of the Japanese Ancestral Society, the Japanese Consul, and 12 persons appointed by the Mayor. All appointments shall be by the Mayor for 3-year terms, provided, when an interim vacancy occurs the appointment shall be to fill the unexpired term of the position vacated. All members shall serve without compensation.

3.68.020 Powers and Duties.

  1. It shall be the duty of the Commission to formulate and submit to the City Council plans for the establishment, maintenance, improvement and promotion of a formal Japanese garden. The Commission shall submit to the Council, not less than every 6 months, a report of its progress and recommendations. The Commission may form subcommittees, appoint unpaid advisors, hold public hearings, encourage the interest of other organizations in its objectives, and engage in similar activities which in its judgment may assist it in making recommendations and promoting the plan, establishment, maintenance and improvement of a formal Japanese garden that will be an attraction enjoyed by the people of Portland and their guests.

3.68.030 Meetings.

  1. Each year an annual meeting shall be held. Each Commission member shall serve until the annual meeting of the year in which his term expires, or thereafter until his successor is appointed and qualified. Not less than three interim meetings shall be held each year in addition to the annual meeting. The Chairman of the Commission shall designate the time and place of the annual and interim meetings and the Secretary of the Commission shall give not less than 5 days advance notice thereof to each Commission member.

3.68.040 Officers.

  1. A Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary shall be elected at each annual meeting of the Commission from among its members. All Commission officers shall serve until the annual meeting next following their election, or thereafter until a successor is elected.

3.68.050 Rules - Quorum.

  1. Rules of procedures may be adopted and amended only upon an affirmative vote of eight or more Commission members. Election of officers, removal of members, and regular business of the Commission shall be passed upon by the majority of a quorum. Not less than eight members shall constitute a quorum. Each member shall be entitled to one vote.

3.68.060 Vacancy - Removal.

  1. Death, resignation, removal or inability to serve shall constitute a vacancy in the Commission. The Commission may remove any member for cause. Unexcused absence from four consecutive Commission meetings shall constitute cause for removal.