Chapter 3.54 Loss Control and Prevention

City Code Chapter

(Chapter replaced by Ordinance 190172, effective November 20, 2020.)

3.54.010 Definitions.

  1. Unless the context indicates otherwise, words used in this Chapter shall have the following meanings:
  2. A.  "Bureau" means all City bureaus or offices, including the offices of elected officials.
  3. B.  "Loss Prevention Policy" and "Policy" mean a Citywide policy for bureaus to identify risks related to occupational health and safety, including workers’ compensation exposures, achieve regulatory compliance, and promote a culture of safety.

3.54.020 OMF Risk Management Division Responsibility and Authority.

  1. The OMF Risk Management Division shall have the following responsibility and authority in the area of City loss control and prevention:
  2. A.  Develop a Loss Prevention Policy that outlines expectations and create a template to assist bureaus in developing a Loss Prevention Plan;
  3. B.  Review bureau Loss Prevention Plans based on the Loss Prevention Policy and template;
  4. C.  Advise and assist bureaus in the completion and implementation of their Loss Prevention Plans; and
  5. D.  Monitor bureau loss prevention efforts and report information on City accomplishments to City leadership.

3.54.030 Bureau Responsibility and Authority.

  1. Each City bureau shall have the following responsibility and authority:
  2. A.  Develop a written Loss Prevention Plan using Risk Management’s template. Utilize Risk Management’s consulting services to assist with plan development, as necessary. Provide the proposed plan to Risk Management for review;
  3. B.  Implement the bureau’s Loss Prevention Plan and track bureau loss prevention effort accomplishments using Risk Management’s reporting form; and
  4. C.  Annually review the bureau’s Loss Prevention Plan. Consult with Risk Management to update the Plan in accordance with the Loss Prevention Policy.